Sunday, May 20, 2012

2015 Buick Riviera?

Recently it was discovered that Gm had patented the Riviera Moniker for use on an automobile, this news came right after GM had patented the SS nameplate for the new Sport Sedan, now naturally this was exciting information for the automotive community, as the Riviera is sorely missed. The 1963 Riviera was designed by GM styling legend Bill Mitchell who hoped to create “a cross between a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce” now obviously this is no longer possible because of cafĂ© standards and Buick’s mid level Luxury positioning, but Buick’s Lineup, not unlike its upscale stable mate Cadillac’s, has the glaring omission of a proper flagship. Follow the jump to learn more about the future Riv' and see a mock up that the production model may be based on. CLICK READ MORE

There has been rampant speculation about the potential Riviera’s platform and styling, some have even suggested that it could be a joint venture with Citroen, but those of you who have followed my channel or blog for a while may possibly know the answer ahead of everyone else. I don’t know if you guys remember the speculation video and its accompanying blog post I did back in December about a Mock Up that was spotted in North Hollywood of a Buick Coupe, but In the video I discussed why I thought the car was based on Alpha, at this point it’s very evident that not all of the styling Bucks shown at the Open House are dead, the Chevrolet True was there under a Pontiac Guise, and the Cadillac Ciel was there with some styling tweaks, so I think it’s very possible that this mystery Buick Mock up, with altered styling, could end up being the Riviera, plus many of the lines on the mystery mock up match up with those on the stunning 2007 Concept. I’ll leave links to the Blog post so you guys can see the photos and decide for yourself, but be sure to read the post or watch the video to see why I speculate the car could be on Alpha.

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