Saturday, April 21, 2012

2013 Opel Adam?

For quite a while it has been common knowledge that GM’s Opel Division has been working on a premium Fiat 500 fighter to slot below the Corsa, which possibly replace the Suzuki sourced Agila. Speculation as to the baby Opel’s name has been crazy; it has been referred to as TRIXX (after the 2004 Concept), Allegra, and Junior, which is the car’s internal code name. Opel has officially confirmed via a comic strip on their FaceBook page that Junior is not the car’s real name. 
Since then sources have claimed that “without a doubt” the car will be named after Opel’s founder Adam Opel under the Moniker Opel Adam, think of it like what Ferrari did with the Enzo. I think that if it is true, it’s not a bad idea, it almost personifies the car and makes it lovable, and it’s much better than Allegra, which, in my opinion just sounds like something you take for a headache.
I can’t help but wonder if Project Junior has any relation to the Buick Avant that GM was gauging opinion on a while back; it would make sense for Buick to have a version of Project Junior to do battle with the likes of the Mini and the 500 on our shores. If you guys want I can do an Article focusing on Project Junior and what we know about it

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