Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Citroen DS9

The Metropolis will officially be using the DS9 Moniker, conspicuously leaving room between it and the DS5 nameplate. The Model will be China Only and the rest of the DS range will accompany it overseas. The first live photo of the DS9 was captured the other day during a photoshoot, and though it is mostly covered, we can tell that the car keeps allot of the Metropolis’s lines, but there are also quite a few borrowed from the GQ Concept.
The Original concept was 17 feet long, but thanks to this photo we can tell that the DS9 is a fair amount shorter, the average height for a man in France is 5’ 8.5” so I took this man’s height, which is represented by the red bar and rotated it to line up next to the car, now because this is not a complete profile, and the car itself is at an angle, we cannot make anywhere near exact measurements, but it is obvious that the car is not 17’

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