Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2014 SRT Barracuda?

If you missed it like I did, 60 minutes did a special on Chrysler this weekend, and according to Allpar, the Long Rumored, and heavily anticipated SRT Barracuda may have been teased. The car, spotted behind Ralph Gilles, definitely has the appearance of vintage muscle, but heavily modernized, which fits what we have heard in reports on the future Barracuda.  Click Read More
When asked about the car Chrysler wouldn’t go into detail, but did reply that it was "just one of the many concepts and projects in our studios. That is one student model" Possibly a student model that indicates the styling direction of the Barracuda. It wouldn’t be the first time a company has teased some of its future product offering in a television broadcast


  1. I hope they are wrong because that car would not do the real cuda any justice at all.

    1. Things have to change Chrysler cannot just rebuild the Barracuda