Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lancia Offering New Options On Chrysler Sourced Models

Lancia Has very controversially been rebranding a trio of Chryslers for European sales, of course not without upgrading interior materials, and adding a few Traditional design elements, much the same way that Chrysler’s European Division has re badged the Delta and Ypsilon. To sweeten the already feature rich cars; Lancia has added a few new options that unfortunately may never see our shores. For the Voyager Minivan they now offer a line of specially designed children’s seats, new tires, a new bike carrier, and a very spacious tent A La Aztek, the Tent is one feature I would love to get here in America, it may even add some kind of excitement to the Minivan for me, it looks like the perfect thing for a large family who enjoys the wilderness. The Thema, known as the Chrysler 300 in our market, will offer a new series of 20” wheels, a set of roof racks to expand the car’s capability, and much like our American Version the Thema will be offered with a wide selection of grills, however these appear to be unique to the European Market, The grills will be offered in both Chrome and Body Color, The one shown in the first official photo is quite nice, and I would like to see them reach our shores as well. There is no word on whether or not the Lancia Badged 200 convertible, dubbed Flavio, will receive options like these has yet to be determined, but considering this is considered by many people to be the least desirable of the three I think it would be a bright Idea.
 Check Out Photos Of Some Of the Packages Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/72984020@N04/sets/72157628599056865/

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